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12 Days of Skincare & CurrentBody Skin LED Mask Bundle

Exclusive CURRENTBODY revitalising bundle

12 Days of Skincare & CurrentBody Skin LED Mask Bundle

Exclusive CURRENTBODY revitalising bundle

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Our expert view

This is the perfect bundle to get you new year or you know someone special who would appreciate this as a gift. It includes the award-winning CURRENTBODY Skin LED Mask, which is fully flexible and wearable, it delivers the perfect dose of dual LED light directly to the skin.

It's been made to medical device directives and delivers the same clinically-proven wavelengths as professional salon machines. Unlike other devices, the mask’s flexibility ensures that the maximum amount of light hits the lower layers of the skin, delivering both instant and long term results.

The other half of the bundle is the Winter Essential Kit which has 8 skincare products, 2 treatment-enhancing supplements, and 2 brow maintenance tools - along with the revolutionary Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask for the ultimate skincare gift experience.

Use the CURRENTBODY Skin LED Mask first to prep the skin to maximise the absorption of CurrentBody Skincare products. Use up to twice a day for a uniquely-tailored beauty regime built around youthful, glowing skin and a calm, undisturbed mind. The CURRENTBODY skin 12 Days of Skincare is safe for all skin types and tones for skincare results you can see right away.

What's Included

CURRENTBODY skin LED Light Therapy Mask

    • Power cable and charging plug
    • User manual

    CURRENTBODY Skin Winter Essential Kit

            • CURRENTBODY skin Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask by Dr. Harris
            • CURRENTBODY skin Hyaluronic Acid Serum 45ml
            • CURRENTBODY skin Daily AHA Tonic 240ml
            • CURRENTBODY skin Clarifying Clay Mask
            • CURRENTBODY skin Daily Foaming Cleanser 110ml
            • CURRENTBODY skin Green Tea Eye Serum 15ml
            • CURRENTBODY skin Daily Restoring Serum 45ml
            • CURRENTBODY skin Glow Serum 45ml
            • CURRENTBODY skin Beauty, Hair, Skin and Nails Result Booster Gummies (60 gummies)
            • CURRENTBODY skin Green Tea Result Booster Capsules (120 tablets)
            • CURRENTBODY skin Eyebrow Precision
            • CURRENTBODY skin Eyebrow Razor

      Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

      Your Holiday Beauty Regime

      Step 1: Start with the cleanser and follow with the clay mask for a good base.

      Step 2: Remove any unwanted hairs with the Eyebrow Razor or Precision tool.

      Step 3: Take a gummy to improve hair, skin and nail health. And green tea tablets before your beauty device treatments like LED, radiofrequency, sonic or microcurrent.

      Step 4: Swipe a layer of tonic over your face before doing your treatment. Then use the CURRENTBODY Green Tea Serum before using the LED mask to help boost results significantly.

      Step 5: Turn on CURRENTBODY LED Mask and wait until the automatic light turns off after 10 minutes. Follow with your choice of serums from the kit including Daily Restoring and Glow.

      Step 6: Complete your treatment with the Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask for 15 minutes or more.


      Taking just 10 minutes to complete a treatment, you can expect to see visible results in just 4 weeks if you use the LED device 3 to 5 times a week. The device is very effective on its own but you will achieve the best results when used with the CURRENTBODY skincare products.

      The scientist behind the technology explains: “It's clinically proven to deliver results after 4 weeks, but some people will see an instant glow after the first use.”

      Suitable for all skin types, add this LED Mask onto the last step of your beauty routine. Finish off your treatments with a Hyaluronic Acid serum to elevate your anti-ageing results.