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Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device

Get toned and fit by just squeezing

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 7 reviews

Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device

Get toned and fit by just squeezing

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 7 reviews

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  • Low-impact workouts to tone and strengthen muscles
  • Powered by battery, it connects to app on Apple Store and Google Store
  • Over 100 personalised workouts and measurable, trackable results
  • Small convenient size for anywhere, anytime workouts
  • Highly effective workout in only 5 minutes
  • Measures by the force which is applied to the device

2 Year Warranty Official Activ5 Retailer
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Our expert view

Activ5 is a portable smart fitness device that guides you through low-impact, isometric workouts. It connects to your smartphone through the app to give you a range of exercises focusing on different fitness levels and training routines for different muscle groups.

When doing the exercises, the pressure you apply on the Activ5 is measured via the Activ5 mobile app. This is how your performance is tracked and monitored. Whether you're standing, sitting or on the go, all it takes is 5-minutes for this small palm-sized device to pack a punch.

So, isometric exercise is the simple movement of tensing and contracting muscle groups to tone and strengthen... simple! And it is less impactful on joints and the body than vigorous exercise. So, anywhere, anytime, you can tone up, boost strength, and strengthen the core because of the compact size, a workout on your terms.

What's Included

  • Activ5 device
  • Mobile stand
  • User manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

why it works

Activ5 uses isometric exercise, which involves holding and contracting muscle groups for periods of time. For example, putting the Activ5 between the legs and holding it in place for 30 seconds. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn when doing routines and exercises, leading to you losing weight.

The Activ5 Training App can be downloaded on smartphones, smart tablets and smartwatches via Google Store and App Store. The device measures the amount of resistance you apply in weight/pressure in pounds and can measure up to 200 pounds of muscle force.

Activ5 coaches you through over 100 different routines and can personalise them to your ability. These routines can easily work alongside your current fitness plan, or you could replace your exercise routine entirely.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Download app.

Step 2: Turn device on and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Pick your customised routine and get started.

Step 4: End routine and remember to stretch off.

make it personal

The Activ5 app includes a game-style twist to create an interactive element; you can play games and activities on the app depending on how much pressure you apply. This is a fun way to hit targets and reach goals.

In addition, the app gives instant feedback daily so you can track your performance week to week, month to month. Whether you are travelling, working, home or gym the compact size makes it easy to use on the go and can be incorporated easily into your day.

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Additional Information

Connections: Wireless

Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

Power: 1.5V

Power Source: Battery

Batteries: AAA

Battery life: Approximately six months

Stand By Time: One year (minimum)

Height: 9.4 cm/3.7 in.

Length: 7.87 cm/3.1 in.

Width: 3.3 cm/1.3 in.

Weight: 283.49 g/10 oz.