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CurrentBody Skin LED Mask + Dr. Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask 50ml

LED eye mask for younger-looking eyes

CurrentBody Skin LED Mask + Dr. Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask 50ml

LED eye mask for younger-looking eyes

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  • Winner of the COSMOPOLITAN Best Skin Innovation of 2022 Award
  • Anti-ageing LED eye treatment clinically proven to treat lines & wrinkles
  • 4 powerful LED wavelengths for younger-looking eyes
  • Targets crow’s feet, eleven lines and brow furrows
  • Pain-free, hands-free simplicity
  • Super fast, 3-minute treatments
  • As Seen In: The Sunday Times, GQ, The Independent, Daily Mail, GRAZIA & GLAMOUR
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2 Year Warranty Over 100,000 CurrentBody Skin products sold worldwide
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Who cannot use this device:
Anyone with any condition that causes sensitivity to light e.g. Lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or Albinism
Anyone taking medication that can cause light sensitivity - includes certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and diuretics.
If you are unsure about any medication consult your healthcare provider
Anyone with genetic eye condition
Other substances can cause light sensitivity: St John’s Wort, Coal tar, deodorants, antibacterial soaps, artificial sweeteners, naphthalene (moth- balls), petroleum products, brightening agents found in laundry detergent, and cadmium sulphide (a chemical injected into the skin during tattooing).





  • A solution to all your eye concerns in one - quote from the Independent
  • Our eye areas are more prone to premature ageing than anywhere else, but this LED eye mask helps to target all signs - quote from cosmopolitan
  • A combination of LED targets delicate skin around the eye area to increase collagen production, plump skin and reduce fine lines of whihc the eye area is particularly prone - quote from Grazia
  • We love it. Four powerful LED wavelenghts work to provide more youthful looking eyes in super fast thtre-minute treatments - quote from glamour
  • It's supercharged with four LED wavelenghts: amber red, deep red and near infrared, which all rejuvenate skin over time - quote from the Sunday times
  • The easiest way to target fine lines and wrinkles. Pop it on, sit back, relax and let it do all of the hard work for you - quote from GQ
  • An impressive 80 LEDs promote healthy skin, minimises the appearance of crow's feet, wrinkles, eye bags, 11 lines and other fine lines - quote from Daily Mail
  • Self-care with a premium beauty tech device, the Currentbody Skin LED eye perfector uses wavelenghts to target crow's feet, eye bags, and dark circles for a more targeted apprach - quote from the independent
  • Mimicking devices used by professionals, this eye mask targets fine lines and wrinkles, so you can banish those under-eye bags instantly - quote from the daily star