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FOREO LUNA 2 for Men 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

A superior cleanse

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 5 reviews

FOREO LUNA 2 for Men 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

A superior cleanse

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 5 reviews

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  • Removes 99.5% of dirt and oil from skin's surface
  • 3-in-1 cleansing and anti-ageing device
  • Prepares your skin for a close shave
  • 8,000 sonic pulsations per minute
  • Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Quick and easy 2-minute treatment twice per day

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Our expert view

Did you know that the FOREO LUNA 2 for Men will help your razor blades last twice as long?

We love that it helps prepare your skin for the best shave ever, and it also helps prevent razor burn too. While it is kind and gentle on the skin, its thick touch-points are an excellent way to cleanse the skin, to help remove dirt and oil and ensure that is protects your skin's natural moisture barrier.

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, take this cleansing device for men with you no matter where you are to keep your skin looking youthful with its combined anti-ageing feature too.

What's Included

  • LUNA 2 for Men device
  • User Manual
  • USB Charger
  • Dust Bag
  • 2 Year Warranty

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

Hassle-free Skincare

FOREO know that men's skin is just as important as women's and have designed the FOREO LUNA 2 for Men specifically with that in mind. Strategic distinctions between the front and back side ensures that you get a deep cleansing experience whilst your skin also gets the benefits of the anti-ageing surface.


LUNA 2 for Men circulates 8000 T-Sonic pulsations a minute to your skin to effectively remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, whilst also preparing your skin for a smooth shave. To achieve the desired results, follow the simple steps below.


LUNA 2 for Men is designed with a one-of-a-kind Anti-Ageing Mode that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to help you achieve youthful looking skin. It is recommended to spend 12 seconds on each stage of the routine.

From Standby, press the centre button to activate the Anti-Ageing Mode. After this interval the LUNA 2 for Mens pulsations will pause momentarily. Relax your face and press the Anti-Ageing surface to the following wrinkle-prone areas, where muscle tension can cause crows feet, worry lines and laugh lines.

Targeted Zones include the area between your eyebrows, right temple, right nasolabial fold*, left nasolabial fold* and left temple.

*Nasolabial fold is the skin fold that runs from each side of your nose to the corners of your mouth.Its where you get smile or laugh lines.

From a single one-hour charge, expect to get seven months of usage out of your device, making this lightweight, easy-to-use cleansing brush an effortless addition to your current cleansing routine.

FOREO LUNA 2 for Men is hypoallergenic, body-safe and has non-porous silicone thats easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up.

Before you use the FOREO LUNA 2 for Men, read the user guide for important safety and how-to-use information.