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FREE Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head - 4 Pack

Unleash your natural glow

Save Over 55%

FREE Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head - 4 Pack

Unleash your natural glow

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  • Removes excess sebum
  • Reduces surface-level pigmentation
  • Revives dull skin
  • Engineered for delicate skin
  • Designed to optimise comfort
  • Compatible with all Clarisonic devices

Over 15,000,000 Clarisonic products sold worldwide Exclusive to CurrentBody
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Our expert view

With a new shape designed to hug your skin for a perfectly balanced cleanse, you can experience the same smoother, softer and fresher feeling skin as the original design.

Hailed for leaving skin radiant and glowing, over 96% of users reported that they saw healthier looking skin.

Suitable for all skin types, the new Clarisonic Daily Radiance Brush Head is great for everyday use - it's as gentle as your hands but six times more effective at cleansing.

What's Included

  • Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

Innovative Design

The Clarisonic Daily Radiance Brush has had an upgrade, with re-design and brand new features. Now with perfectly curved bristles to hug every contour of your skin, its soft rounded bristles deliver a deep yet gentle cleanse for better skin.

The outer ring gently massages while whisking away impurities better than ever. Featuring new soft elastomers between the bristles, it helps to gently massage away the impurities.

Telling you when to replace, its built-in time strip turns red when it's time to replace your Daily Radiance Brush Head.

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