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TensCare Pain Aide TENS Pain Relief Unit

Portable medicine-free pain relief

TensCare Pain Aide TENS Pain Relief Unit

Portable medicine-free pain relief

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  • Provides immediate, natural pain relief
  • Relieve musculoskeletal, joint and period pains
  • Choose from 4 preset programs
  • Customize treatments with 60 intensity levels
  • Treat two areas simultaneously with 4 electrodes
  • Memory feature remembers last-used settings

2 year warranty Official TensCare Retailerfree-gift
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Our expert view

The TensCare Pain Aide gives you access to medicine-free pain relief in the comfort of your home. Complete with 4 preset programs, find quick relief from a variety of pains including back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, period paid, postoperative pain and sprains.

The device has 4 electrode pads, meaning you can target two areas simultaneously for fast and effective pain relief. Tab through 60 intensity settings to find a comfortable setting for you.

Whether you're at home, at work or on the go, take the device with you anywhere for immediate relief when you need it most.

What's Included

  • TensCare Pain Aide
  • Electrode Pads x4 Device
  • Clip Leads x2
  • AA Battery x2
  • Storage Pouch
  • User Manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

why it works

The TensCare Pain Aide uses clever TENS technology to block pain signals from reaching the brain. Placing the electrodes on the point of pain delivers tiny electrical impulses to stimulates the nerves in the affected area. TENS technology kick starts the production of endorphins – the body's natural pain killers – to instantly suppress pain.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Place the electrodes on clean, dry skin.

Step 2: Power on the device.

Step 3: Choose one of the four preset programs or tab through 60 intensity settings.

Step 4: Turn the device off after treatment.

make it personal

You can use the TensCare Pain Aide to naturally relieve pain from a range of conditions.

Chronic pain: back pain, arthritis, rheumatic pain, lumbago sciatica.

Musculoskeletal pain: fibromyalgia, sprains, falls and direct impact on the muscles. Acute pain:

Dental and facial pain, neck pain, postoperative pain migraine and neuralgias.

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Additional Information


Do NOT use if you have a pacemaker (or heart rhythm problem) or with any electronic medical devices

Do NOT use during the first three months of pregnancy

Do NOT use on the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy


Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.1 x 1.1 in

Weight: 2.8 ounces