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SmoothSkin Bare IPL Hair Removal Device - Summer Collection

Quick and Easy IPL Solution

Rated 4.3 out of 5
Based on 27 reviews

SmoothSkin Bare IPL Hair Removal Device - Summer Collection

Quick and Easy IPL Solution

Rated 4.3 out of 5
Based on 27 reviews

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  • Up to 92% hair reduction
  • Fastest IPL device on the market
  • 100 flashes per minute
  • Treat your entire body in 10 minutes
  • Suitable for all but the darkest skin
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

2 year warranty Official SmoothSkin Retailer
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Our expert view

SmoothSkin Bare will completely replace your hair removal rituals. Working with a super-fast flash, you will get a flash every 0.6 seconds to speed up your hair removal treatment.

You can treat your whole body in just 10 minutes! Choose from the Stamp method for smaller, more stubborn areas, or the Glide method is ideal for larger areas.

The secret to seeing the hair-free results you want is to keep up your treatment plan. Thanks to its small size, it's really easy to hold.

You're able to use the SmoothSkin Bare on your entire body: lower and upper legs, body, bikini line, and even your face.

What's Included

  • SmoothSkin Bare Device
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

The SmoothSkin Bare works by transferring light energy through the skin's surface with 100 flashes per minute. The melanin in the hair shaft absorbs the light energy, and this same light energy converts to heat energy below the skin's surface. This stops hairs from growing back.

Who Can Use SmoothSkin?

SmoothSkin is suitable for those with skin type I to IV according to the Fitzpatrick Scale. It is not suitable for use on blonde, white, grey or red hair.

Since light blonde, grey and white hair do not contain enough or any melanin, IPL treatment will never work on these hair colours. Red hair contains a different type of melanin, which is also not responsive to IPL.

SmoothSkin is also not suitable for dark skin tones, as it can cause skin damage such as burns, blisters or discolouring.

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Additional Information


DO NOT USE SMOOTHSKIN BARE if you have a history of skin cancer or precancerous lesions (e.g. nevi or a large number of moles).

DO NOT USE SMOOTHSKIN BARE if you have any of the following: Dark brown or black spots such as birthmarks, moles or warts in the area you wish to treat. Chronic skin disease (e.g. psoriasis or vitiligo) or damaged skin (e.g. sunburn, cuts, open wounds or active infections) in the areas you wish to treat. Varicose veins in the area you wish to treat. Tattoos or permanent makeup on the area you wish to treat. If you have a known sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity) or are taking medication that makes the skin more sensitive and causes photosensitivity.

If you have had a skin peel treatment on the area you wish to treat. If you are pregnant or lactating, as this device has not been tested with these individuals.

SMOOTHSKIN BARE is not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning safe and 9 Glass Filter proper use of the device by a person responsible for their safety.

SMOOTHSKIN BARE should be kept out of the reach of children under 16 years of age. Children should not use, play with, maintain or clean the device.





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