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STYLPRO Facial Ice Globes

The facial ice tools for perfect skin

STYLPRO Facial Ice Globes

The facial ice tools for perfect skin

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  • Keep in the fridge or freezer for cooling benefits
  • Softly follow the facial contours with the globes to shape and tone
  • Prepares the face for the absorption of skincare products
  • De-puffs and enhances the circulation of the lymphatic drainage system
  • Eases tension in the joints
  • Can reduce headaches and sinus pain through low temperatures

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Our expert view

The StylPro Facial Ice Globes are great if you are looking for a range of benefits from just one beauty tool. The cooling effects the ice globes have on the skin, face and neck can really make a difference to your daily routine.

Start or end the day by gliding the StylPro Facial Ice Globes over the skin to calm redness, reduce puffiness, increase circulation and wake up skin cells. This results in calmer, brighter skin ready to receive the ingredients formulated in your skincare products. It can also be a natural remedy for painful headaches or migraines and even a relief for any sinus pain!

This set comes with the Temperature Protective Sleeves to help with any risk of freezer burn and help ease the StylPro Facial Ice Globes over the face. For better results, use a face mask, eye mask or serum and enhance the benefits of the cooling globes over your complexion.

What's Included

  • STYLPRO Facial Ice Globes x2
  • Temperature Protective Sleeves x2

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

It's as simple as

Step 1: Cool the Ice Globes in the fridge or freezer and be careful to only touch with the temperature protective sleeves, which just fit onto the end of the globes.

Step 2: Glide over the face, following the natural contours. (Be careful not to apply too much pressure around sensitive parts such as the eyes)

Step 3: Using circle, upwards motions to lift the skin and muscles.

Step 4: To wipe clean use a makeup remover wipe or with anti-bacterial spray.

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