TensCare Face Electrode 30x50mm Pads

Lift and Tighten

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    What you need to know

    • Helps firm, lift and tighten soft tissue
    • To be used on facial muscles
    • Improves circulation and collagen production
    • Non-invasive toning option
    • Reusable for 12 to 20 applications
    • Compatible with Perfect Beauty and Sports TENS devices

    Official TensCare Retailer

    Our Expert View

    Perfectly matched with the TensCare Perfect Beauty and TensCare Sports Tens 2, these electrode pads enable you to continue your toning and firming routine and last for up to 20 uses.

    Following bespoke programs with each of the devices, you're able to tailor your treatment to your needs.

    Can be easily applied to any device and to your chosen treatment area.

    On the face, it is not necessary to reach levels of intensity capable of causing discomfort, great and significant results are obtained through consistency, patience and perseverance.

    What's Inside

    • TensCare E-CM3050 Face Electrode Pads (30x50mm) x 4 Pads


    Our Story


    About Us


    Effortless toning and training


    By being compatible to multiple devices, you can interchanged the pads to work with your chose TensCare machine.

    Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology delivers small electrical impulses through the skin to train your muscles.

    The small contracts caused as a result of the electrical impulses also help to firm the skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

    We recommend one treatment session daily, 5 days/week, for 12 weeks. You may notice some positive effects after just one session, but normally it will take about 6 weeks before you notice a difference.

    Additional Information

    Please note that due to the nature of this product, we are unable to accept returns.


    Do Not Use TENS:

    If you have a heart pacemaker or have a heart rhythm problem. TENS in the direct vicinity of a pacemaker may affect some models. If TENS is applied on the front of the neck this can affect your heart rate. Very strong TENS across the chest may cause an extra heartbeat.

    If you have epilepsy TENS may affect seizure threshold.

    During the first three months of pregnancy - It is not known whether TENS may affect foetal development.

    On the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy. Stop using immediately if you experience unexpected contractions.

    When driving, operating machinery, or similar actions needing fine control loose pads, damaged leads, or sudden changes in contact may cause brief involuntary muscle movements.

    To mask or relieve undiagnosed pain may delay diagnosis of progressive condition.

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