YA-MAN Bloom 5

Powerful multi-technical RF, EMS and LED anti-ageing device

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    What you need to know

    • Multi-RF (radio frequency) reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and pore size
    • EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) offers fast skin tightening results
    • Red LED (633nm) light therapy stimulates elastin, collagen and cell renewal
    • Choose between 4 power levels for personalised facial sessions
    • Access powerful clinic-grade technology from home for younger-looking skin
    • Use for at least 6 minutes per day, 5 times a week for dramatic anti-ageing results

    2 Year Warranty Official YA-MAN Retailer

    Our Expert View

    Get youthful, glowing skin after your very first session with the YA-MAN Bloom 5. Powerful clinical anti-ageing technology reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring while visibly tightening the skin.

    Dynamic Multiple Currents EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) strengthens the facial muscles, Multi-RF and Red LED (633nm) light therapy rapidly increases collagen and elastin. Pair with the conductive YA-MAN Flawless Serum HYDRATING to activate the technology while enhancing the glide. Infused with retinol, this luxuriously lightweight essence gel boosts skin elasticity, firmness and hydration.

    The clean formulation contains 3 types of ceramides, 2 hyaluronic acid molecular weights and multiple antioxidants. Free from preservatives, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, silicone and petroleum. Apply a pearl-sized drop to clean skin before every YA-MAN Bloom 5 facial session for best, glowing results.

    What's Inside

    • YA-MAN Bloom 5
    • USB Charging Cable & AC Adapter
    • User Manual


    Our Story


    About Us



    For your first facial session with the YA-MAN Bloom 5, start on Level 1. Work towards Level 2, Level 3 and then finally Power Level as your skin becomes accustomed to each power intensity. Keep the device moving across your skin while maintaining an ample amount of serum during your entire treatment. Speed up your movements or lower the Level if it feels too warm.

    Levels 1 to 3 progressively increase in intensity, with the option for activating or disabling the EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) feature. A full-face session should take around 6 minutes to complete. Here’s how to use the YA-MAN Bloom 5 on these settings:

    Glide from your chin, along the jawline to your earlobe and then down your neck.

    Start from your chin lifting to the corner of your mouth, then along the top of the cheekbone. Repeat this movement under the cheekbone and along the jawline.

    Move in a zigzagging direction from between your brows, across the forehead to your temples.


    Power Level is the highest intensity, with constant EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) activation. A full-face session should take around 10 minutes to complete. Here’s how to use the YA-MAN Bloom 5 on this setting:

    Face Lines: Glide from your chin, along the jawline to your earlobe and then down your neck. Repeat again but start from under your chin, and continue under your jawline to ear.

    Laugh Lines: Start from your chin, lift along your smile line, across the top of your cheekbone. Loop back down to your chin, then glide under your cheekbone. Restart from the chin and sweep along your jawline, then loop back to your chin.

    Eye Area: Move from your inner tear trough to your temple. Lift from the outer corner of your eye up to your temple. Start from between your brows, then glide above your browline and swoop towards the temple.

    Forehead: Lift from your browline towards your forehead in 4 separate motions, starting from between your brows to your brow tail.


    Step 1: Cleanse and dry your face and neck. Apply a pearl-sized drop of YA-MAN serum to the electrode head and power on your device. Do not apply serum with your hands.

    Step 2: Choose your level preference and complete half the face, reapplying gel as needed.

    Step 3: Repeat on the other side with another application of serum.

    Step 4: Massage in any excess product, and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

    Step 5: After each use, wipe down your device and store safely.

    Important Information

    Size: W47 × D47 × H181 mm

    Weight: 180g

    Country of Origin: Japan

    Battery: Lithium-ion battery

    Charging Time approx. 3 hours

    Operating Time approx. 30 minutes

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